Who came up with this whole familyversary idea anyway?

Glad you asked.

Getting stuck in traffic can take your mind to mysterious places. And that’s exactly what happened to our founder Mark Gottlieb. At that time, Mark was 43, his wife was 40, his daughter was 10 and his son, 7 years old. With nothing better to do, he added up their ages and realized that his family was a century old.

Why not celebrate that! And so, the idea of familyversary was born.

When Mark got home and proudly announced this new revelation to his family, he was met with the typical don’t-bother-me groans and rolling eyes. But, all that changed when he offered to take everyone to their favorite restaurant to celebrate their 100th familyversary.

Mark believed familyversary was too special to keep to himself. So with his dear friend, Moira Schwartz, he set out to spread the joy. He’s a family lawyer. And she’s a branding specialist and designer. Although they each bring their own individual and very different professional perspectives to this project, they both agree on one thing, that family is number one.

Maybe it’s time to start your own familyversary tradition.