Of course you have questions,
we counted on it.

Ask away.

We’re starting a new tradition by creating a new day of celebration. Birthdays celebrate the day you were born. Anniversaries commemorate a special event. But a familyversary is something altogether different. It’s when you add up all the ages of everyone in your immediate or extended family and celebrate that great big number and the joy of togetherness. (If you have a “family” of friends or a work “family,” you can celebrate that too.)

Go ahead and try it out. No strings attached. Simply put in your family’s, (or extended family’s) birth dates and see what the calculator comes up with. You’ll see. It’s easy peasy and fun.

No, it’s up to you. Add in as many as you want. The calculator will do the rest for you.

No, it’s unlimited. Create an account by entering your email and use any date you want. Today. One week from today. One year from today. A family reunion coming up, the 4th of July. The choice is yours.

Any day that has special meaning to your family. If you always have a big family picnic on the 4th of July try it out. Everyone can wear t-shirts with your big number to show off. Or if you’re planning a big family celebration on Grandma’s 90th birthday, have the familyversary calculator figure out exactly how old your family is on that date. Surprise Grandma with that big fat familyversary number. Personalized shirts are a fun way to honor any occasion.

No, you can make any date special. Pick a weekend to do a family dinner, museum trip or a little adventure. Or just hangout. Printing out t-shirts for that day makes it a celebration. And you can print as many or as little as you like.

No.  It’s absolutely free. As in zero, zilch, nada.

Initially no. But if you want to really explore, create an account and become a member. It’s free and there are loads of benefits.

First, you’ll be able to use the familyversary calculator to figure out any date. Today’s, tomorrow’s, a week from now, a year from now. And any milestone. Try them all. Knock yourself out.

Second, you can order your customized t-shirt(s) or whatever other item(s) that celebrates your familyversary. And that means you put your own personalized message on them.

Third, as a member, you can opt in to receive emails that alert you to the upcoming birthdays of all of the members of your family. Not only will these emails be great reminders, but they will also contain direct links to online vendors for all of your birthday shopping needs. (Who doesn’t need a little help keeping up with all this family stuff?)

We know it’s hard to believe but really, it’s free.

Beyond reasonable. Not only is it free to become a familyversary member or to use any of our services, but we have some of the least expensive printing services in the industry. We strive to keep the prices on our shirts and other items as low as possible for customized printing. Plus, other than taxes and a nominal shipping fee, there are no extra costs for you (other than the quoted price of each garment or item).

Directly on this website, do the following:

> Choose your style: t-shirt, hoodie, tank, tee for you or your kids. There’s lots to choose from.

> Choose the size and color of your item.

> Follow the simple steps laid out for you on each item. It’ll explain in detail how to personalize your item.

> Make sure you click on red button “Put in your number”.

> You’ll be taken to the page that lets you add your familyversary number, family name and date of your special day.

 Now comes the fun:
1. Add your familyversary number that you calculated.
2. Change the colors to your liking.
3. Add your family name and have some fun with it, ie: Wonderful Wilson.
4. And make sure to add that date.

> Go to your cart. Add your quantity or change it.

> Add your shipping address.

> Add your billing information.

> Pay. And your shipment is on it’s way.

> Questions, contact customer service.

We plan to offer volume discounts and occasional specials for our valuable members.

Yes. You can use it for any group of any size, such as a class at school or everyone at your workplace. After all, extended family is still family.